Plant compound

What is the size of the glasshouses in comparison to previous sites?

  • The new PEQ facility has a capacity of 2000 square metres of greenhouse space, an increase from 1500 square metres in commonwealth facilities.
  • This is supported by 1200 square metres of screen house.

Is the compound large enough to accommodate all incoming plants?

Yes. The plant compound is about one-third larger than the capacity of the Eastern Creek and Knoxfield plant compounds combined. The new facility will also accommodate tropical plants - a capability not previously available outside the Eagle Farm PEQ facility.

What is the minimum height of the greenhouses?

The greenhouse/corridor are at least three metres high with the roof apex of the greenhouses six metres to seven metres high.

What is the smallest plant area that can be climate controlled?

Each of the individual greenhouses in the greenhouse pods is 50 square metres (there are also four 100 square metre houses in Greenhouse Pod 1). Each individual greenhouse can be climate controlled within the temperature zone of the greenhouse pod in which it is located.

What is the temperature range in the compound?

Each greenhouse pod accommodates a different temperature range in its greenhouses:

  • Greenhouse Pod 1 is general temperate and holds temperature between 20 and 33 ˚C
  • Greenhouse Pod 2 has 4 general temperate greenhouses which also hold temperature between 20 and 33 ˚C. It has eight cool temperate greenhouses which manage temperature between 18 and 24 ˚C
  • Greenhouse Pod 3 has eight tropical greenhouses which range between 25 and 35 ˚C. It also has four specialist (general temperate) greenhouses with temperature between 20 and 27 ˚C.

How are the plants watered?

Plants are hand watered, as was previously the case at the Eastern Creek and Knoxfield facilities. This allows for closer monitoring of plant health.