Dog compound expansion work now completed


The Stage 2 Build expansion work for the dog compound has now been completed, and the new section of the compound was handed over to the department on 27 March 2017. The Stage 2 Build work has added 180 more dog pens to this compound, bringing the total capacity to 400 pens.

The dog compound now contains 400 pens in total.

There are now also additional exercise yards and support areas within the dog compound, including additional veterinary inspection rooms and a suite of new isolation pens.

The additional exercise yards within the dog compound.

Some upgrades have also been made to the new dog pens based on feedback from the Stage 1 Build, including new door handles and air flow grills. As a result of the Stage 2 Build expansion work, the total size of the dog compound is now comparable to the Melbourne Cricket Ground!

The upgraded dog pens with new door handles and air flow grills.


The Ruminant compound build is also progressing well and on track for handover to the department during May 2017. Once completed, the ruminant compound will include a large shed with a modifiable internal fencing system and six large turnout paddocks with fixed shelters for the housing of imported ruminants.

One of the turnout paddocks, with the fixed shelters shown in the background.

In addition to this, there will be a series of other facilities to support biosecurity functions including a truck wash area, alpaca holding area and inspections office. Once handover of the ruminant compound has occurred, the department will undertake a short period of operational commissioning with domestic alpacas to ensure this compound is fit for purpose before imported stock will be accepted at the Mickleham PEQ facility.


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