Dog and cat facility hosts first stay

The dog and cat compounds of the new Mickleham facility have concluded operational commissioning this week. The commissioning tests the new facility with domestic animals as a final check to ensure it is ready to accept international arrivals.

The Department of Agriculture worked with the Lost Dogs’ Home to have 22 dogs and cats stay at the facility for a period of a week. Some of the staff became so attached to their charges that they have already applied to adopt them.


Confirmed dates for commodity intakes at the new post entry quarantine facility

The Australian Government is investing in the future of Australia’s biosecurity system through the design and construction of a new post entry quarantine facility in Mickleham, Victoria. The facility will be officially opened in October 2015 and will begin to accept its first commodity intakes.

Commodity intakes at Mickleham have been staggered across October through to December to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to services. The availability of the facility for the first commodity intakes are:

A buzz about bees

Some people might wonder why the future PEQ facility will have a compound devoted to bees. Bees don’t just provide delicious honey, but also honey products such as beeswax, and pollination services. Australia imports queen bees for the purpose of increasing genetic diversity and disease resistance within our bee populations. Around the world, there are a number of pests and diseases which can impact on bees. Some of these, including Varroa mite and Tracheal mite, are not currently present within Australia.