Avian compound takes shape

Stage two construction works at the Post Entry Quarantine facility at Mickleham are continuing with the avian facility and second stage of the dog compound starting to take shape.

At the avian compound the external and internal walls have been going up over the past few weeks.

This compound will combine live bird and hatching egg capabilities. There will be a series of individual and completely separate containment areas, all with separate access.

Once complete, the capacity of the live bird areas will increase with the total occupancy for pigeons raised to 300 in two separate areas. The hatching eggs area will be three times the current capacity.

The avian compound will be a Quarantine Containment Level 3 facility to mitigate the biosecurity risks associated with avian imports. It will be completed and operational by 2018.

The first phase of the dog compound was opened at the end of 2015 and has been accepting dogs since November.  A second phase of works will double the capacity for imported dogs meaning this facility, when complete, will house a total of 400 dogs.

These works are progressing well with the slab already poured and the contractors preparing to start putting up walls.

All kennels feature heating and outdoor exercise yards. The dog compound also features a range of support areas including veterinary examination rooms, food preparation spaces, support rooms and grassed exercise yards complete with shade sails. To assist with noise mitigation, the compound has been surrounded by a four-metre wall with internal acoustic panels to absorb noise. The ceilings of the kennels have also been treated with acoustic panels.

The internal and external walls of the avian compound go up

The second stage of construction of the dog compound begins


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