Avian compound construction completed

The Stage 2 Build of the Mickleham PEQ facility continues with the completion of the avian compound. This compound is the final building at the PEQ facility to be completed. It was handed over to the department on 14 December 2017.

With five Physical Containment Level 3 biocontainment units, the compound handles imported fertile eggs and live birds. This is the highest level of biosecurity containment of all the compounds at Mickleham PEQ.

External shot of the avian compound

When housing eggs and live birds, the biocontainment units in the avian compound will operate at negative pressure to reduce biosecurity risks. There are also a range of decontamination methods for moving people, equipment and consumables in and out of the biocontainment units during quarantine. These include showers for personnel, decontamination chambers, chemical dunk tanks and steam sterilisers.

Corridor leading to the three fertile egg biocontainment units

The department is currently finalising plans to run tests to ensure it will maintain these strict levels of biosecurity containment, before imported eggs and live birds are allowed to undergo quarantine at the Mickleham facility. This process is known as operational commissioning.

Laboratory space within one of the biocontainment units.

While this testing has occurred for all the compounds in the Mickleham PEQ facility, the avian compound will have the longest testing period due to the complexity of the systems within it. Some of this testing will involve housing and caring for local poultry and pigeons in the biocontainment units. The department is working closely with industry during this part of the testing process.


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